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Are you offering your employees a wellness plan?

If so, we have a better mousetrap for you! is an information and advice service that covers all aspects of the healthcare universe, including physicians, behavioral medicine professionals, dentists, and over 15 other areas of specialty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why should you be using

The multi-faceted approach of will contribute to a healthy workplace while reducing and/or eliminating expensive and unnecessary emergency room visits and other healthcare expenses (e.g., pharmaceuticals). When a company offers as a healthcare benefit to its employees, we provide our wellness program, which is a full service, fully compliant, online, self-administered wellness module FREE OF CHARGE!

In short, we are suggesting that you replace your existing wellness program for a 24/7 immediate, personalized health information service, which contains a full complement of wellness advice.

No other wellness program in the U.S. offers this!

What is the cost?

Sterling AdviceSM costs $30/month/employee. For an additional employee contribution of $20/month* (via payroll deduction), employees can upgrade to Sterling Advice PlusSM—information and advice from additional healthcare specialties such as dentistry and behavioral health. Family memberships are also available for an additional charge.
*Employee contributions are eligible for 50% rebate under ACA.

What will companies save?

The effective combination of our wellness modules and Sterling AdviceSM has the potential of reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. These two expensive corporate problems cost employers on average $2,650/hourly and $3,600/salaried employees, annually. Considering a conservative reduction of just one of the employees’ average 2.5 annual ER visits, your $360 investment in promises to be an investment in your bottom line.

And more!

  • Would you like to replace your staff-based triage and assessment program? Our health experts are available to employees 24/7. Both your company and your employees enjoy significant cost savings and peace of mind.
  • Would you like to implement or replace an existing wellness program? Contact us today for a full needs assessment and program proposal for how a wellness program with can decrease unnecessary medical expenses and increase quality of life.


For a complementary consultation or a quote, contact us at 1-866-ADVICE3 or

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