The Health Solution for Government and Community

Empower community and relieve ER overcrowding with at-home access to quality healthcare information.

Access to Information and Advice offers individuals and systems a direct means to obtain health/medical information and advice where they have been historically unavailable.

  • Whether in a remote location or an underserved community, subscribers can make informed decisions about their personal health and whether or not a visit to a healthcare facility is necessary.
  • can provide a medical triage and screening function for partners and subscribers.
  • provides Wellness, Smoking Cessation, and Health Education upon request. We are a full service health resource, empowering patients and communities.

Highest Quality Consultation

Unlike typical “advice” lines that generate massive customer dissatisfaction from ambiguous answers, our personal healthcare consultations are informed by subscribers’ medical histories and cover the entire spectrum of health concerns. Our experts are the same experienced physicians, dentists, mental health professionals, and pharmacists that provide care for patients in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, pharmacies, or other healthcare settings. does not practice medicine, but our experts are able to forecast scenarios in a way that provides confidence to subscribers in their course of action

Significant Cost Savings

The average patient pays this much for about
four (4) doctor interactions:
A Sterling Advice Plus ℠ subscription covers 195 doctor interactions and
ER visit (30% of the bill)$1,200 X2 =$ 2,400 prevents unnecessary ER visits
ER co-pay$ 100X2 =$ 200 eliminates unnecessary co-pays
Doctor’s visit$ 100X2 =$ 200 prevents unnecessary doctor’s visits
Deductible$ 1,500 counts toward your deductible
Total$ 4,300/year$600

Project these savings across communities or populations, and the whole country enjoys tremendous healthcare savings.

For additional details, contact us at 1-866-ADVICE3 or

Try and realize the benefits that personalized, immediate 24-hour healthcare consulting can make for your community.

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